Friday, August 25, 2006

The Fire Within

As he moved with such grace in the grass so lush green
I saw some spirit and dedication which I'd never before seen
His grace and spirit was so very impeccable
I got the feeling that it was the one thing tht lacked in me and made him so adorable

He sat by my side and told me that it wasn't over yet
And how I needed to rebuild myself and get the stage set
He told me where I was going wrong and what I was missing all this while
And all this was told to me with a subtle but an influential smile

So,I sat down thinking that it was worth another try
After all,I deserve something more than just a cry
I gave it my best shot and put all my efforts in
And realised that the thought of giving up deserved only the bin

Thus,the fire was rekindled
The spirit was reborn
The soul was re-enriched
The faded light was re-lit

But it all ended so abruptly
I started to feel...........of all this,I was unworthy
The light that lit the darkness faded yet again
The rekindled fire had been watered and all the efforts were in vain


Anonymous Parth said...

nice one sachin!!..good poem ...but full fek..!!..."rekindled fire has been watered "..wat crap!! abhi to fire has just started to burn..soon itl make its presence felt!!..failure is not abt falling...its abt not getting back up after the fall!! u stand and up u stand tall!!..cheers! srinath!:P

8:03 AM  
Anonymous ritika said... arjun.....ur poem is fida on ur poetic skills ya........proud 2 hv sucha talented frnd like u.........
keep kewl n tc.....cya

8:23 AM  
Anonymous nids!!! said...

that was really nice arjun!!i didnt kow u had poetic skills also! i agree with pj...wats with the last two lines...bull shit re!! bounce back up!! higher than ever before!! ull be back in action soon!! i know it :)

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

watta waste man, watta sad way to end a beautiful poem, u gave it awesome hope n spirit and put it to such abrupt end urself ! u knw better than that JUN!!!!


11:51 PM  
Anonymous papu!!! said...

hey...honestly da poem rocked!!....dint knw u were dis gud a poet!! srry....but i also need to say dis....da last few lines were rubbish...wats wrong wid ya....jus losin in one match doesnt mean its all over....idiot!!!ders still a long way 2 go dude....2 me it looks like its jus da beginin....after all....failure....nono....losin is da steppin stone 2 success....hehe!!all da best!!:)

12:29 AM  
Anonymous An!!! said...

hmmm.....there you go again!!!amazing poem!!!bravo!!!lots of you in it!!!but considering the end...change the you!!!hope that made sense!!!but yea i meant it!!!>:D<

5:14 AM  
Anonymous VasHist said...


not becoz it shows hope n SPirit n best part of it not ending it in a happy WAy..

noW tht jus shows how DIff ur thinkin iz ..
if thr r a million poets today u r the odd one out !! thtz wht u R..
keep up !! dude !

1:23 AM  
Anonymous nen!!! said...

hey arjun...gr8 poem...amazing vocab...and seriously dude...u said a lot through it....but dude...wotever it takes...dont give up....u will stand for urself and u can do it man...cummon....and seriously keep riting poems but....with better endings...but nice way to bring out ur feelings...atleast tht way ill know u :P

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Pranit said...

good one arjun...never knew you wrote such nice poems!!:P...and like everyone said why that idiotic end...make it a happy ending re bhai!!:D...great poem...keep writing!!:)

12:59 AM  
Anonymous rachna said...

well well well.......gr8 one!!!! i simply luvd it...tho i dunno wat u r really tokin bout...i mean da failure part....but...damn gud...keep it up....n increase ur write more often!!!!!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous nidarshana said...

dis one sure is inspiring!!! arjun...u seriously r a precocious poet....and d way u bring out ur state of mind thru ur awe-inspirin!!!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Revathi said...

Alrite...where do i begin now? Hmmmmmm since this is ur first one it isnt as great as the others. But should def. give u credit for putting it all together. It is good but ur other works are great. so u can tell how much u improved dude. hehe falling does help u stand. All the best....take care.
xoxox hehe

1:45 PM  

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