Tuesday, April 06, 2010


An attempt to make 1411 a better number....!!!....

Amidst killers and loss of virtue
You are an impeccable creation
But I will have to leave you
For, from your killers i cannot run
Not yet, your death is premature to come
But soon will your killers pass by
But before they find you and their prey you become
Like every mother, I will beg them to tell me why?

Flawless you are, ignorant too
That your desparate gait will be in vain
But your death will not be true
For, your memories will aways remain

When the skies above turn grey from blue
When out goes the blazing the sun
The Master will still look down on you
Even as you leave his beautiful creation

But my child, before you leave
A tapestry of love shall you weave
The threads of which will bind
Your killers and their brutal mind

Leaving you and this beautiful world is my dying body
But with you, my heart and memories shall remain
You may waver like the waves, but not weary
You shall rise and conquer these shores again

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Invisible Thread

In your dream, when you walk alone
You see things that are insane
But when you are awake, you know
That there’s much more to pain

There’s really more than you can think
Between those alive and dead
But you don’t tend to understand
Because you cannot see the thread

You see what you see
But you don’t really comprehend
‘coz from the truth you cannot flee
But you’ve got to get to the other end

There’s really more than you can think
Between the truth and what you see
But you don’t really understand
In which part you want to be

You dream gives you hope
That you can be what you want to
But when you are awake and you act your dream
You know it cannot be true

There’s really more than you can think
Between those alive and dead
But you don’t tend to understand
Because invisible is the thread

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Head or Tail..?!?!

Having been through tough times and high tides
I have no one but my shadow to walk alongside
I put my trust in destiny and set sail
Uncertain if it is going to be a head or a tail

Sitting on a hilltop...looking at the world below
I wonder if it had anything to give but sorrow
I hope that the pendulum of sadness fails to sway
Wonder if things would ever go my way

Waiting for my moment....I hope against hope
But I'm only hanging on to a burning rope
Is there anything to be happy about...I wonder
But every single day...to my hope I surrender

Never can we face each other...me and the luck of mine
Just like the head and tail of a coin
But I still believe that everything will be alright
Afterall....the day never fails to break after the night

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Long Wait...

Days have come and days have gone
I see in my heart.....a stitched thorn
It sure is true and can't be wrong
My love for her will never be gone!

I see the rain pour down through the sky
In tears am I....when I watch her fly
The world is ignorant coz through the rain I cry
To lay my love on her.....as hard as I can....I try!

Lost in love I am.....sleeping as much
Waiting for her to wake me up with her soothing touch
A source of strength she is....I use her shoulder as my crutch
Just unable to tell her....I am not a liar as such!

Driven am I so beautifully by the bond that we share
To find someone like her......is so very rare
Not a chance there is......that a mask I wear
It is nothing but the love for her....that in my heart I bear!

I've always held her so close to my heart
Now she has grown closer to me than my very heart
All this while she has been with me in this wheel of cart
I've learnt to live life and I owe everything to her part!

At my best I am when I'm with her....and I stand really tall
Even a moment away from her.....I hear the 'THUD' of fall
With her around me.....love and happinesss is all
I will wait through eternity for her heart to return my call!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Two Years to Experience......Two Years to know

Stranded on the streets, I didn't know where to go
Saw the others go and followed with the flow

Across those gates there was so much to know
Ignorance lingered all over like a shadow

As I entered, my feet moved slow
Coz I was new and had nothing to show

Shaking hands and making friends,I no more felt hollow
I learnt to mingle and learnt a little more

Peaople all around had a smile to show
I learnt to smile and learnt a little more

As I passed teachers,I began to bow
I learnt to respect and learnt a little more

With love all around,hatred was the foe
I learnt to love and learnt a little more

With someone,when I had an odd row
I learnt to forgive and learnt a little more

During the tough days,I felt a little low
I learnt to pick up and learnt a little more

Tough days continued and the good ones came slow
I learnt to be patient and learnt a little more

At every other barrier,bravery was the synonym for go
I learnt to be brave and learnt a little more

Every misery was fought and happiness had to follow
I learnt to fight and learnt a little more

Every single time I was shown the door
I learnt my way in and learnt a little more

Sown as a seed, I was left to grow
I learnt to grow and learnt a little more

Passion was the word that kept me on the go
I learnt to be passionate and learnt a little more

To reach tomorrow,I had a day to go
I learnt to live the day and a learnt a little more

There were no goals and I had no motto
I learnt to set goals and learnt a little more

I Learnt to know and I learnt to grow
I learnt to learn and learnt a little more

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Saucerful Of Secrets

The world often turns its back on you in the worst of times
You feel like a caged criminal without any crimes
Longin' for warmth....you look up to someone to hear "all is well"
N' if they too turn their backs on you....Life becomes a synonym for hell

They gave you love n' care which were nothin' but impostors
To believe this harsh fact....you aint masters
As it begins to sink in...you try to fight it
Eventually you give in....as you lack the grit

Durin' these days.....you realize what life really is
With every step that you take.....a barrier exists
These barriers shape n' mould you into masters
They teach you how to treat those very impostors

Ironically,you take in those harsh facts n' become harsh yourself
This in turn imposes harsh facts on the people you once looked up to
Thus.....the cycle continues n' life revolves around itself
In the end.....A Saucerful Of Secrets is what it leaves for you

Me Myself n' I

Followin' the shriekin cries of a beautiful lady
He made his way into this beautiful world
It aint all that beautiful he thought as he made his way
For,he wailed aloud n' they were all happy n' gay

Holdin' the fingers of his mother....he learnt to walk
Observin' the lips of his father....he learnt to talk
He saw his world in the two of them
N' it seemed all beautiful to him

Wailin' n' unwillingly goin' to school..he din't wanna get rid of those fingers
Away from them,an uncertainy always lingers
He was scared to meet new people n' scared of everythin' around him
Without a choice,he left his world behind n' entered the one awaitin' him

Lookin' back at his childhood....he wondered what he was scared of
The irony was that fear is all that he was made of
A fear which made him so very narrow
An uncertainity walked with him like a shadow

Day in n' day out he came up with unanswered questions
He'd been walkin' alone in search of suggestions
Now he's all down n' broken.....his life lacked smiles,laughters n' cheers
Even the liberty of cryin was stolen.....as he was left with no tears

Somewhere down the road,on the long walk
He came across people who,with him were ready to talk
The cheer of his childhood began to sway
The unanswered questions faded away

He brought them the same cheer that they brought him
Suddenly....happiness seemed to have filled up to the brim
Toghether they reached for the sky which no more seemed high
He then grew with happiness all around him....grew from He to I