Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Long Wait...

Days have come and days have gone
I see in my heart.....a stitched thorn
It sure is true and can't be wrong
My love for her will never be gone!

I see the rain pour down through the sky
In tears am I....when I watch her fly
The world is ignorant coz through the rain I cry
To lay my love on hard as I can....I try!

Lost in love I am.....sleeping as much
Waiting for her to wake me up with her soothing touch
A source of strength she is....I use her shoulder as my crutch
Just unable to tell her....I am not a liar as such!

Driven am I so beautifully by the bond that we share
To find someone like so very rare
Not a chance there is......that a mask I wear
It is nothing but the love for her....that in my heart I bear!

I've always held her so close to my heart
Now she has grown closer to me than my very heart
All this while she has been with me in this wheel of cart
I've learnt to live life and I owe everything to her part!

At my best I am when I'm with her....and I stand really tall
Even a moment away from her.....I hear the 'THUD' of fall
With her around and happinesss is all
I will wait through eternity for her heart to return my call!