Friday, October 27, 2006


Caught in the stare of her gleamin' eyes......I lost myself in her
She holds me right there with the unwawaverin' stare n' I cant let go of her
Those gleamin eyes are a pair of polished mirrors that reflect her heart
Even a second away from the catch of her stare tears me apart

The look of her eyes say a thousand words to me
Words that move me to tears n' stir my feelings
Words that are true though they dont seem to be
Words that bring me closer to her n' surround me

The glowin' beauty of her face has brightened my life
Now I'm out of the dark that stabbed my heart like a knife
With the soothing touch of her tender wounded heart heals
With the warmth in her gleamin' secure it feels

She has bloomed like a garden of roses in my thorny heart
In falling in love with her.....where have I played my part???
The magical look of her eyes makes her beauty so impeccable
She is my eternity.....which I know is Unreachable


Anonymous papu!!! said...

hm...nice way to express ur luv..well dat is if u really meant it[im sure u did...well da poem seems like it came rite 4m ur heart]...nice of ur best writtn poems i shud in,,da words...phrases...n all...da way u described da girl...awsome!!!i luv da way u descibed her eyes...u can feel da beauty of her lines!!!....finally...its a beautiful poem...very soft n subtle!!!

7:01 AM  
Anonymous papu!!! said...

well as i already told u...i excluded da last line...i dont agree wid its in noway sad to me...a beautiful hope or dream...datll surely cum true!![:D]

7:24 AM  
Anonymous v@shist.REdDy said...

i wish i could express my lovE this Way !!
the Eys part wAs amazing RA
beautiful poem very SOft !!

WaydaGO Arjun !!

11:38 AM  
Anonymous nids!!! said...

sexy poem!!! very well written... i can feel wat u are feeling all te over here!!! its written beautifully.. i totally love it!!! unreachable!! well the feelling must be unquenchable!!!

11:44 AM  
Anonymous An!!! said...

whoa!!!sexy poem!!!nothing short of that!!!beautifully written!!!lovely eyes description!!!makes you lose yourself in it and imagine it!!!amazing!!!

1:06 AM  
Anonymous ritika said...

mannnn.....junnn.......u hit it again......ur this poem impresses me 2.....i can surely say the SHE in d poem is XTREMELY LUCKY mann.....meko usko id de reee.....mein usko bolti hw lucky she is.......seriouslyyyy......i still dnt understand hw u can express ur feelings mann....i never can....keep it up buddyyyy.....n i hope u never lose d SHE of this

3:22 AM  
Anonymous nen!!! said...

i am speechless...its like the best ever man...i don't think anyone could explain his or her loved one this well...the description is so precise...can actually imagine her in front of my eyes everytime i read it...her eyes..indeed wonderful..and your heart...indeed a beautiful place for her to stay in...hope your dreams come true and i just hope that the next time you write about your loved doesnt say "unreacheable"!!!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous parth!! said...

man..amazing!!!..totally un..derstandable!!:P..really great piece of work sach!!.."she bloomed like a garden of roses in my thorny heart"...wonderful!!..great reflection of the searching soul and the heart thats reaching out for a love that seems like a mirage!!...baap..ure great at this stufff!! keep it coming!!!

9:52 AM  
Anonymous kavu! said...

All the words seem so little to decsribe your!she is lucky!!!!Every words seems so chweeet!!!!n i loooove this one "she bloomed like a garden of roses in my thorny heart"...these words seem so amazing!!!...i wonder if any guy of u'r age would notice anything like that...this is my faaav one on the web page...3 cheers!!keep it up!!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous kavu!! said...

Okey! now I have few
Amazing n absolutely fabulous ….it makes you wonder that things are praise worthy but we never take a minute to appreciate it…
Pyar karne wale hazar miljayenge iss aanke wali ladki ko
Par tuj jesa ek milgaye tho hazar hai!!
Oh my god!I think u r some kinda virus….lol

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

like i told u its quite senti for me...but really sweet nevertheless...[:)]...u are graduating every time it in the genre or the style of writin..tht's really important..keep it up!!:)


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Arushi said...

I dint knw u were so gud at this!! this poem totally rocks!!Its sooooo warm n nice!!
the feelings u've expressed r so real so true and soooo pure!!!
keep it up!!

5:14 AM  
Blogger rachna said...

gleamin eyes....glowin beauty!!!! jus wonderin whom it describes????? is it som1 i kno??? :P frankly speakin......marvellous baby simply marvellous!!!!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey !! sexy poem !! vry vry well written !! gosh !! wat eyes !!! ... beautifully expressed !! i got lost !! direct dil se eh ??! lovely arjun !!.. but reachable ...:) !! keep it up boss !
shweta !!

12:22 PM  
Anonymous stylo said... ive becum UNspeakable now...really sxy poen da though i mentioned once couldn't help mentioning again....da way of expressing wa too gud re i said no more words to was awesum....

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Tarang Hundiwala said...

Purrrfect poem dude...whose miserable n tragic life were u thinkin abt while writing this...???ooppps sorry...mustve bin an autobiography...he he...jus kiddin dude...awesum text...though such scenarios itself are 'unreachable' for all arjun sundar bhai....who the hell is unreachable for ya??
keep writin...keep rockiN!!!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Revathi said...

Lucky Chica!! Not kiddin she really is....i mean it is one hell of a chance to b so beautiful n to hav someone dat luvs her so much.

Perfect Picture. I c y u didnt bother puttin a pic up ther
Ur tooooooooooooooooo talented.

4:40 PM  

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