Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Life Or Death???

During the tough days of life I prayed for death......
Death never came to me but I longed for it
Knowing what I long for wouldn't make a difference.......
Hoping against hope I waited for it with closed eyes n' open arms
Waiting for my end......I moved on
I moved on through those tough days........
Fighting pain n' over powering destiny
The race with life was won.......
I fought through those days.....
Days,when I longed for death....
How wrong I was to ask for death......
But it was the only thing that inspired me
I knew it would come to me I moved on
Moved on in search of death and conquered life.....
Death had to come to it did
But now........I wanna live the life I conquered
Now.........I long for life......
What do I want???
What am I in search of???
Where did I begin???
Where am I headin???
I had a life.....I wanted death....
Now that i've got it....I can't live with it
Why did I want it if I can't live with it???
Do I want to just keep wanting???
Do I want to want???
Do I want to live or Do I live to want???
Do I want to die or Do I die to want???
What do I want???
What did I begin with????
Life Or Death???


Anonymous nen!!! said...

wow arjun!!!...too good a poem left me confused...but it did make sense !!! wonder you took so long to write this!!! true did touch my heart!!!

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Pranit said...

awesome!! i live to die or do i die to live?? question that everyone's been trying to find an answer to!! one!!...really im out of words to describe it!!...

11:48 AM  
Anonymous nids!!! said...

it touched me!! deeply!! written very well!! im speechless right now!! but its makes a whole truck load of sense!!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous papu!!! said... speechless...its sooo well written..n above all so true!!i applies to everyone...wat r u livin 4?!!!....n as everyone said...its very touchin...made me think 4 a while after i read it...n it is somethin...coz...papu n thinkin don really go hand in hand!!hehe...:P...n trust me...u gettin better with each attempt...n of all da topics u chose...i guess dis is da best...!!

10:28 AM  
Blogger rachna said...

wah wah mere sher!!!!!! keep it up!!!!! jus marvellous yaar!!! future ke mr. william wordsworth ji.....apne poems print kara do.....koi aur khareede na khareede.......mai toh khareedoongi yaar!!!!!!

2:29 AM  
Anonymous An!!! said...

yay you found it!!!never lost it!!!scatterbrain!!!hehe......
whoa!!!sexy poem!!!took some time to sink in though!!!makes hell lot of sense!!!at this hopefully hell is "HUGE"!!!keep writing!!!go arjun go!!!hehe......loved it!!!

8:00 AM  
Anonymous vinie said...

intense!!!quite interesting....captured quite the sense of what all of us feel at some pt of time in life...keep it goin dude!!!u can only get better as u go on....remember dat!!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous ritika b. s. said...

man arjun......ur poem rocks again.....wel it has seriously touched me n is sumthin tat can get tears in2 ones eyes.......
it has actually got me 2 thinkin abt ma life n as 2 wt i actually want of thanks a lot 4 helpin me initiate my thoughts.....
seriously buddy ur blessed wth d wonderful talent of expressin ur feelings in such an awesum rock on......
n yea im lukin forward 2 ur next

6:53 AM  
Anonymous vasHist.Reddy !! said...

man.....looks like uver born Poet !!
u gettin better u r no longer Raw !

Sexi poem,loads of meanin in it !!
man ur name shud b arjun wordsworth
it really intense n now my mind is filled up wid questions !

am i livin to die or am i dyin to live !! ??
am i lovin to live or am i livin to love !! ??

on the whole it TOTALLY ROCKS !! HATS OF !!

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oye oye oye phatte!!!..kya baat hai!! tum toh shakespeare ko bhi bhula poem..made loads of nen..u left meconfused!! but u did leave me thinking....wat uve written..ive felt so often!!..i can so realte to it..brave attempt all in all!!!

10:03 AM  
Blogger shweta !! said...

oh my god !! this ones sexy !! left me confused !!
"Do I want to live or Do I live to want???
Do I want to die or Do I die to want???"
gosh !! awesome arjun !! a smart poem ! [:)] !! keep writin !! i wonder how some ppl can rite so beautifully !! vry nice !! [:)] take care !! c ya !

11:33 AM  
Blogger Revathi said...

Man!! U r so in depth wid ur thoughts. Got me off track ther for a lil...or mayb i didnt catch up BUT u got your point thru the rite way. Very sensitive n superb.
I cant sollu more. I really njoyed readin ur stuff. Thank u!!

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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