Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Head or Tail..?!?!

Having been through tough times and high tides
I have no one but my shadow to walk alongside
I put my trust in destiny and set sail
Uncertain if it is going to be a head or a tail

Sitting on a hilltop...looking at the world below
I wonder if it had anything to give but sorrow
I hope that the pendulum of sadness fails to sway
Wonder if things would ever go my way

Waiting for my moment....I hope against hope
But I'm only hanging on to a burning rope
Is there anything to be happy about...I wonder
But every single my hope I surrender

Never can we face each and the luck of mine
Just like the head and tail of a coin
But I still believe that everything will be alright
Afterall....the day never fails to break after the night