Friday, August 25, 2006

The Fire Within

As he moved with such grace in the grass so lush green
I saw some spirit and dedication which I'd never before seen
His grace and spirit was so very impeccable
I got the feeling that it was the one thing tht lacked in me and made him so adorable

He sat by my side and told me that it wasn't over yet
And how I needed to rebuild myself and get the stage set
He told me where I was going wrong and what I was missing all this while
And all this was told to me with a subtle but an influential smile

So,I sat down thinking that it was worth another try
After all,I deserve something more than just a cry
I gave it my best shot and put all my efforts in
And realised that the thought of giving up deserved only the bin

Thus,the fire was rekindled
The spirit was reborn
The soul was re-enriched
The faded light was re-lit

But it all ended so abruptly
I started to feel...........of all this,I was unworthy
The light that lit the darkness faded yet again
The rekindled fire had been watered and all the efforts were in vain