Wednesday, October 05, 2005

To Love.......Is To Be A Fool

It was a dreadful and a gloomy day
I've always had something to say
But neither could i say it
Nor could she understand it

I've always been by her side,she says
In all good times and thorny ways
To her,I'm nothing more than a friend
And that thought takes me to my end

I never ever gaveup on her
Always been her crazy follower
I fought for her like a worrior
Yet,it was destined.....for me to lose her

Why did i have to undergo this?
Oh god!!I need a cozy hug or atleast a kiss
Is this all what I deserve in life?
Ah!!I feel like I'm dancing on a knife

I went through hell
Her words still ring in my ears like a rising knell
Wait....It wasn't over,I had to face some more
Guess what....she couldn't recognise me anymore

Even then,I didn't lose hope
Wanting her to come back I prayed all day
But then,I realised that our relationship was a broken rope
Nothing's gonna matter what I say

By what I do and By what I say,people call me a fool
Alas!To Love Someone Truly......Is to be a FOOL

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Warrior!!!

How happy was he born and taught
That serveth not another's will
But here he stands today
Ready for death and prepared to kill

He takes death almost for a ride
Longing for glory and utmost pride
The badges that you see on his chest
Make him different from the rest

He looks into the eyes of death
And tells it "I deserve another breath"
For his passions not his masters are
But only the badges and the star

Something hits him on his head
And he knows tht he is dead
Scattered he is on the sands
With broken legs and broken hands

His mistress calls out to him with a sorrowful voice
But what she can hear is only the cannon's noise
She weeps and weeps loud in despair
Though she knows that he is dead and no more there!!