Monday, October 30, 2006

The Incredible 8

If there can be any surrogate to is us
If in the harsh phases of life,one can find is here,with us
If thrz a place 2 experience the beauty of friendship.....this is it
If one can fall in in n' day out with the same is us

We fill so much luv in the air around us
That thrz no room 4 hatred 2 buzz
So much luv that a minute with each other feels like an eternity
Yet,an eternity wudnt b enuff 2 describe its beauty

We are no wonders in this world around us
But it is our luv that makes this very own wonder world of ours

We are 8drops of water that combine 2 form a river
Come what may.....our luv 4 each other will flow 4 ever
We are 8stars that combine 2 form one blissfully glowing star
None can beat the light of our luv.....The Incredible8 that we are!!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Caught in the stare of her gleamin' eyes......I lost myself in her
She holds me right there with the unwawaverin' stare n' I cant let go of her
Those gleamin eyes are a pair of polished mirrors that reflect her heart
Even a second away from the catch of her stare tears me apart

The look of her eyes say a thousand words to me
Words that move me to tears n' stir my feelings
Words that are true though they dont seem to be
Words that bring me closer to her n' surround me

The glowin' beauty of her face has brightened my life
Now I'm out of the dark that stabbed my heart like a knife
With the soothing touch of her tender wounded heart heals
With the warmth in her gleamin' secure it feels

She has bloomed like a garden of roses in my thorny heart
In falling in love with her.....where have I played my part???
The magical look of her eyes makes her beauty so impeccable
She is my eternity.....which I know is Unreachable

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Life Or Death???

During the tough days of life I prayed for death......
Death never came to me but I longed for it
Knowing what I long for wouldn't make a difference.......
Hoping against hope I waited for it with closed eyes n' open arms
Waiting for my end......I moved on
I moved on through those tough days........
Fighting pain n' over powering destiny
The race with life was won.......
I fought through those days.....
Days,when I longed for death....
How wrong I was to ask for death......
But it was the only thing that inspired me
I knew it would come to me I moved on
Moved on in search of death and conquered life.....
Death had to come to it did
But now........I wanna live the life I conquered
Now.........I long for life......
What do I want???
What am I in search of???
Where did I begin???
Where am I headin???
I had a life.....I wanted death....
Now that i've got it....I can't live with it
Why did I want it if I can't live with it???
Do I want to just keep wanting???
Do I want to want???
Do I want to live or Do I live to want???
Do I want to die or Do I die to want???
What do I want???
What did I begin with????
Life Or Death???