Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Head or Tail..?!?!

Having been through tough times and high tides
I have no one but my shadow to walk alongside
I put my trust in destiny and set sail
Uncertain if it is going to be a head or a tail

Sitting on a hilltop...looking at the world below
I wonder if it had anything to give but sorrow
I hope that the pendulum of sadness fails to sway
Wonder if things would ever go my way

Waiting for my moment....I hope against hope
But I'm only hanging on to a burning rope
Is there anything to be happy about...I wonder
But every single my hope I surrender

Never can we face each and the luck of mine
Just like the head and tail of a coin
But I still believe that everything will be alright
Afterall....the day never fails to break after the night


Blogger Parth Jhala said...

superb stuff baap!! loved the first two lines of the last was like reading my mind! 2 years gap but u def havent lost the touch eh then! :P

3:40 AM  
Blogger Ashwin said...

ok da.. not good stuff though must say.. but still a decent effort..

4:14 PM  

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